Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation

Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation

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Cremation is at an all-time high nationally. Many people are electing this option because it’s more affordable and can make the grieving process more personal to the memory of a loved one than a traditional burial.

Losing a loved one is always hard and you may have many questions about your options.

We’ve tackled some of the most common ones to help get you started.

Keep reading below to learn more.

What Do I Do With My Loved One’s Remains?

Your loved one’s remains will be placed in a basic container until you decide on a more permanent home for them.

Many families choose to have the remains scattered over a meaningful place or spread among living relatives as a keepsake.

Our wide selection of urns offer many tasteful options should you elect to keep your loved one’s remains in a more personalized container in your home or inurned in a columbarium.

Some cemeteries will even allow for two or three urns to be placed together in one adult grave, reuniting the family after death.

Colorado law places few restrictions on disposing of cremated remains. How you choose to commemorate your loved one’s passing is a personal and essential part of honoring their memory.

Can I Still Have a Funeral?

It’s important that you find a space to grieve your loved one, regardless of the choice about how to dispose of their physical remains. A funeral or memorial service offers that space.

Remember, cremation only refers to the process of addressing the physical remains.

It can occur before or after the cremation, providing options for the bereaved family about how they want to celebrate the life of their departed.

Whether you opt for a service with a rented casket, an urn or some other memorial, what matters most is that you can gather and begin the healing process.

Is Cremation Affordable?

Cremation is a very affordable alternative to traditional burial, often saving people thousands of dollars in total costs.

Your ultimate expenses will vary depending on the style of urn you elect to purchase, where/how you choose to dispose of your loved one’s remains, and whether you rent a casket for a viewing of the body.

Should I Pre-Pay?

Some funeral homes give you the option to pre-pay for cremation services. Although this can save you some headache by already having this burden covered, pre-paying is not a good idea.

There are often fees associated with this service and, if you pay too far in advance, you run the risk of the funeral home not even being in business or operating under new management who won’t honor your arrangement at the time you need them most.

Don’t pre-pay, but do be prepared. Set up a budget to cover final expenses so that financial worries are not an added stress when a loved one passes. We can help you pre-plan.

We’re With You Through This Process

Having someone in your corner to guide you through a difficult time is priceless. Our mission is to be there when you need support the most.

Contact us, and we’ll answer all of your other questions and help you begin the healing process.

As a private and family-owned funeral provider, Mile High Mortuary & Cremation Service offers traditional funeral and cremation services with over 30 years experience in assisting families during their time of need.