5 Tips for Writing a Funeral Program

5 Tips for Writing a Funeral Program

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Are you in charge of planning a funeral for your loved one? This process can be an emotionally draining and difficult task.

Creating a funeral program is an important part of the overall service. It should give guests an idea of what to expect and serve as a nice memory of the deceased.

Not sure how to begin? Follow these steps to make things easier.

Write a Biography

Include at least a one paragraph biography about the deceased in the program. This paragraph should outline some of the deceased’s accomplishments in life.

If you’re the one planning the funeral, you most likely know the deceased well enough to write the biography yourself. However, it might also be a nice gesture to reach out to another family member and ask them to write the bio.

Add in a Poem or Passage

Include a poem or favorite passage from a book in the program for a personal touch.

You can choose a poem that was important to the deceased or one that reminds you of them. Make sure the poem is appropriate for an audience of all ages.

If the deceased was religious, consider including a passage from their preferred religious text.

Include Photos

While it’s not necessary to pack your funeral program full of pictures, adding a couple of touching photos is a good idea.

Be sure to include one picture of the deceased and their name along with their birth and death dates.

You can also add other smaller pictures of the deceased with their spouse or family members. These photos will make the program special for the family and friends attending the service.

Mention the Speakers and Officiate

Giving credit to those speaking at the funeral is important.

List the names of the family members who are doing readings along with what they are reading. Also, be sure to list the name of the person who is officiating the service.

Design with Care

Design the program with a simple, elegant feel. Since this is a funeral program, refrain from elaborate graphics. Use simple fonts that are pleasing to the eye. Stick with black or navy blue for the font color.

Don’t overwhelm the eye with too much text. Remember, the point of the program is to list a summary of the service along with a brief biography of the deceased.

It’s always a good idea to have another set of eyes look over it before printing several copies.

Finalize the Program

Select high-quality paper for printing the program, whether you’re doing it yourself on a laser printer or sending it to a professional. Quality counts and photos will look better on the right photo paper.

Designing a funeral program is not necessarily an enjoyable task, yet it is a nice opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one during a meaningful funeral service.

If you follow these guidelines and ensure your program is respectful, the result will be just right.

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