How to Pre-Plan a Funeral

How to Pre-Plan a Funeral

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When we lose a loved one suddenly, it’s devastating. It can take a lot out of us and then having to plan for their final goodbye is difficult. However, if you’re living with a terminal illness or caring for someone who is, it’s an opportunity to plan.

When you pre-plan for a funeral, whether your own or someone else’s, it helps to ease the pain of loss. Rather than worry about the small details when the time comes, you can spend your time celebrating their life.

Talking about death is the best way to face it. Taking mortality straight on opens a dialogue about what is happening to everyone. Pre-planning is very helpful for moving forward.

Last Wishes

What better way to know what someone wants in their final days than to ask them. You need to embrace the time you have left and encourage them to plan their funeral. This process is a rare gift for the person dying and for loved ones.

Have them write their eulogy. This process will ensure everyone attending the farewell services will hear exactly what the individual wants to say. It’ll help the dying deal with the end of their life and help you understand them better.

Preparing to Leave

When someone is given a timeframe for their death, it’s cathartic to encourage them to start letting go. Have them clean out their closets, get rid of junk, and pick out pieces to give to family and friends.

You can avoid a lot of family bickering by making sure the special items are given to the people the dying person selects before they pass. When it comes straight from them, there is no doubt and is a special and thoughtful gesture. There is great peace of mind for all involved, especially the person dying knowing they’re getting their affairs in order.

Plan the Day

When possible, ask the person what they want for their final send-off. Inquire about flowers or whom they wish to speak for them on their behalf. Ask about location, whether they want a church service or something more casual, such as only family at the grave site.

Yours and Theirs

If you’re planning your funeral, then you know what you want. You can save your family a lot of time and money if you plan and pay for certain aspects of your funeral in advance. Look into funeral insurance and funeral trusts ahead of time for help with your financial planning.

Planning for someone else without having the ability to ask them what they want can be challenging. Your loved ones are left with guessing what you’d prefer at your funeral. That’s why it’s recommended to have the conversation well in advance of your passing so the service can be a meaningful ceremony for all.

Planning Ahead

Having the forethought to plan your funeral is a great gift. To help a loved one plan theirs or your own is the best way to face death as a part of life.

We share our lives so we should share our final moments as well. It brings great relief for everyone when we can talk about and plan for our death.

For more information on how to pre-plan for a funeral service or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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