Personalized Urns: Ways to Customize a Cremation Urn

Personalized Urns: Ways to Customize a Cremation Urn

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We talked about the different types of pet cremation urns in a previous post. There are keepsake urns, fossil urns, picture urns, companion urns, and biodegradable urns.

With so many options to choose from, you may be wondering if there are as many types of urns for people. There are more if you consider personalized urns. As the name implies, personalized or custom urns are urns made according to your specifications.

Let’s talk about the different ways to customize a cremation urn so you can have one that is unique and perfect for you or a loved one.

Start with the Material of the Urn

Before you get too caught up in the design details, your first step should be to decide on the material of the urn. Will it be wood? Ceramic? Marble?

Of course, your choice could be limited if you plan to store the urn in a mausoleum. You should check which materials are allowed before you make any decision.

If you are planning to display the urn in your home, you have more freedom when it comes to the material. Just make sure it does not clash with the decor in your home. The goal is to memorialize a loved one, and not become a focus-pulling piece that detracts from its surroundings.

Simple Is Best

One thing that people sometimes get wrong about personalized cremation urns is the degree of personalization they should have. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to include every aspect of the person they are memorializing on the urn.

This option is, of course, impossible. No single object can do that. You can see this reality on urns with very long inscriptions or those that seem to employ multiple themes.

Rather than making sure an urn captures a person’s whole life, it is better to pick one significant theme that honors him or her best. It could be an emblem or artwork or a picture. A brief but to the point inscription to go along with your chosen theme will make your custom urn amazing.

Don’t Miss Important Details

Simple is best, yes. However, you do not want important details such as name, birthday, and date of death missing.

On that note, you should also consider how these details will be displayed. Will it be as an engraved plaque? A nameplate?

You may also wish to have a photo of your loved engraved onto the urn. If that does not appeal to you, a framed picture next to the personalized urn will do just as well.

Looking for Personalized Urns?

We can help. Whether it is because you want to design your urn or to remember someone special, we offer plenty of customization options for your chosen urn.

Let us show you the personalized urns we have done for our other clients. You can tell us what you want, and we can make it for you. You may email us at or leave us a message through our online contact us form.

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