5 Reasons to Choose Direct Cremation

5 Reasons to Choose Direct Cremation

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The death of a loved one is an emotionally trying experience. As you are planning their memorial service, there are a variety of options available in Denver, CO.

One option in particular is direct cremation, where the body is cremated without a funeral service before the cremation takes place. It stands out for families because it appeals to their need to personalize the memorial service, but there are other reasons to consider direct cremation. Here are 5 reasons to choose direct cremation for your loved one.

An Affordable Option

The cost of funeral services today can be high, which makes it difficult for a family to afford, especially in cases of the unexpected death of a loved one. Using direct cremation can be a cost-effective means to have simple memorial service at a later date, one that can be held virtually anywhere.

Without the additional costs of a service prior to cremation, the process becomes more manageable for family members.

Flexibility for Planning Services

For those families that are spread out across the country, coming in for a funeral service can be difficult and expensive if it must be done within a week or less. With direct cremation, the memorial service can be planned so that all the members of the family have an opportunity to bid farewell to their loved one.

Cremation allows for services to be held at the best time for the family. They can also scatter cremation ashes, opt for a cremation urn, or select a permanent interment location.

Environmentally Friendly End of Life Option

For those who are also concerned about the environmental impact of burying a loved one who has been embalmed, cremation can be a means to limit chemicals into the ground and minimize land use. Plus, you can opt to be creative with your loved one’s urn, reflecting their likes, dislikes, and the unique aspects of their personality.

Customize Your Celebration of Their Life

Cremation allows you and your family to celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that uniquely reflects who they were, what they stood for, and their impact on others. You can design a one of a kind memorial and dispose of their ashes the way they would prefer, such as at sea or in a favored spot in the backyard.

Avoid Multiple Sites to Upkeep

For those who have lost several members of the family, having one spot to upkeep with everyone’s ashes is easier than caring for multiple grave sites. At the same time, cremation can limit the amount of upkeep necessary depending on the disposal of the ashes. Families also find it easier than trying to find room at the family cemetery.

There are many reasons why choosing direct cremation could be the right option for your loved one. For instance, they might not want to be buried or require a site be cared for after they have passed. If you are pre-planning your funeral service or planning services for a loved one, we can help you determine the right options for your family.

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