For families dealing with an aging loved one, it can be difficult to imagine a time when they are no longer with their loved ones. Therefore, they may avoid discussions related to planning for a funeral or memorial service. Thus, they are caught off-guard when their loved ones pass away and struggle to determine what their loved ones’ wishes were regarding their funeral services.

These situations routinely happen, leaving family members to make decisions during their time of grief. It can quickly become overwhelming and make a difficult time even harder. Here is why preplanning for your funeral and talking about your wishes is not a bad topic of discussion. In fact, it can be a gift to your family as they deal with their loss.

Make Your Wishes Known

It is important to have a discussion with your family so that they understand what you want to have happen during your funeral. This discussion can also be where you let them know whether you want to be cremated or buried and can address who you want to speak at your services or the type of services that you envision as part of your farewell. It also puts you in control of the ultimate celebration of your life.

By discussing it with your family, you give them the information they need and will minimize the decisions that they have to make during a time of grief and emotional upheaval.

Have the Discussion Calmly

It is important to remember that this subject might be difficult to broach, especially with your loved ones. Therefore, find a quiet time to talk about the subject before it becomes necessary. Later, if you are ill or suffer an accident, your family will know what you want and be able to follow through.

Having the discussion when emotions are not charged due to other situations can also help your loved ones to be more open to listening to you. They will also be in a position to ask questions and get clarification right from you.

Use a Funeral Planning Checklist

With funeral planning being such an emotional topic, it can be helpful to use a funeral checklist. This checklist can help you to make sure that you cover all aspects of a traditional funeral or memorial service. There are a variety of goods, services, and logistics that need to be considered. Using a checklist, you can be sure that you cover all the details that you can plan for in advance.

Remember that the checklist is a guideline, so you may remove items that do not apply to your situation. It is also good to consider any cultural or religious aspects and detail what you want included.

Another benefit is that you can address the funeral costs in advance, which can help reduce the burden on your family. Working with our experienced staff, we can help you to preplan your services and help you to understand all your options. Contact us today to answer any questions that you may have.

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