5 Types Of Cremation Urns

5 Types Of Cremation Urns

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Pets are a special part of the family.

These four-legged loved ones are always there to cheer us up or cuddle on the couch. However, we often outlive our animals.

As with any family death, parting ways with a pet can hit hard. It’s a tough time of loss and grief. Cremation urns can help ease the pain by being a special memory of your furry friend.

Urns are designated containers made specifically to hold the ashes of a departed loved one. They can be used for a temporary or permanent basis, and may be simple or highly decorative.

To make your loss easier, we have a list of the most popular options for pet cremation urns.

Here Are 5 Types of Cremation Urns 


  1. Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are made for families wishing to share a pet’s ashes. These urns are small and used to hold a portion of the departed’s ashes, rather than the whole amount.

Keepsake urns are also a good option for families who want to scatter some ashes, but keep the rest as a reminder.

Some even choose to have pendant urns made. These are small pieces of glass jewelry with tiny compartments for the ashes. The pendants are popular as necklaces or dog tags and can even be put on a related pet’s collar.


  1. Fossil Urns

Fossil urns are the perfect natural reminder for the dog that loved to run in the woods or play in beach sand.

These types of cremation urns start with a wood base. The foundation is then decorated with fossil-like rock formations such as sandstone or limestone. The rocks bring a sense of life to the urn, keeping the pet alive in your heart.


  1. Picture Urns

Picture urns put a face to the ashes they keep.

To the unknowing eye, picture urns look just like a regular picture frame.

However, the frame is a secret chamber that holds ashes of the departed. It’s a beautiful way to remember a fond memory of your pet while keeping a part of your animal with you always.


  1. Companion Urns

Does your pet have another special companion in the house?

If you have more than one pet, you’re likely aware of the bond these two share. Opting for a companion urn allows them to be together forever.

Companion urns come with single or double containers. Single containers are for particularly close animals who wish to be mixed together. Double containers allow for the ashes to be in one place, but in separate “rooms”.


  1. Biodegradable Urns

Many families honor the pets favorite activities – such as camping or going for a walk – by leaving their ashes in a natural place.

A biodegradable urn allows you to scatter ashes without harming the environment. They can even go in water and will safely dissolve after a few days.


Special Reminders of a Special Friend  

Cremation urns are a beautiful option to keep your pet as part of the family forever.

Have you recently lost a furry friend, or think the time might be coming? Ask us about your urn options for them.